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Hire Toyto Innova In Delhi

Hire Toyota Innova for Vaishno devi katra tour from Delhi :

Hire Toyto Innova for Delhi to katra

Hindu religion followers believe strongly in Mata Vaishno Devi. Mata Vaishno Devi is a shrine which is situated atop the Trikuta hills in the north Indian state of Jammu Pradesh. The initial phase of the journey begins from Katra from where the distance up till the spot is 16 kms. It is one religious journey which is undertaken by the locals and the foreigners.

Vaishno devi katra tour by toyota innova–

Toyota innova car hire from delhi for vaishno deviThe Holy Journey: In order to reach the shrine the base camp is Katra from where you can traverse the long distance by foot or if you are unable to walk then you can hire horses, Palki or nowadays even a helicopter as per their convenience and budget. The entire journey to the shrine of 13 kilometers is a quite wide road encompassed by lush green surroundings. When you have covered 6 kilometers of the path, you will reach 'Ardhkanwari' which is considered to be the religious shrine where Mata meditated for 9 months. Later on after traversing a path of total 9.5 kilometers you will reach 'Saanjhi Chhat. Here you will be able to enjoy some rest and refreshment. It is from this point that the sacred shrine of 'Mata Vaishno Devi' is just 3.5 kilometers far.

''Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board''

All through the way the air resounds with the chants of ''Jai Mata Ki''. In order to take care of the activities, ''Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board'' was formed in 1986. After you have finished your yatra, you can stay in Jammu and move around in many places in Jammu. Hotels in Jammu are very are cheap and they also provide you with the best in quality with regards to lodgings.